After 10 years, a Russian returned from the USA to Russia and spoke about the real reasons for such a flight

A Russian after 10 years returned from the USA to Russia and spoke about the real reasons for such a flight

The reasons for the flight from the United States to Russia were revealed in his blog in Yandex.Zen by a blogger who presented the story of “who lived 10 years in the town of Bend, Oregon.” “During all this time, living there only got worse,” he quotes and gives the following reasons.

The problem of violence: “Yes, perhaps it is on everyone's lips who have an idea about life in the USA. But we lived there and faced it every day,” the blogger writes. No, not everyone shoots at the neighbors there, but on trifles, he assures, irritation and complaints are full. “You walk the dog nearby – they will definitely tell you to roll with your dog far away from their house. You make noise in your yard – they will immediately call and ask you to sit quietly. I parked in front of their house, but on the opposite side of the street – take the car away, etc. Do you think this is normal? – the blogger writes. The situation is similar in stores – you can run into an “evil and nervous” attitude everywhere. Are you standing in line at the checkout? Surely in a few minutes someone will come and begin to make claims that he stood here earlier and just walked away. Grocery carts – everyone treats them at random, and any request to move the cart to get through causes a wave of hatred among their owners, ”the blogger writes.

“The Annoying Consumer Lifestyle of Americans”. As the blogger writes, this problem is easiest to understand “face-to-face with it on the eve of the Christmas holidays.” According to him, the only thing that worries America these days is “buying more useless junk and clogging your house, garage, and generally any free place with it.” “There are huge queues everywhere and you can’t get anywhere, the Americans are sweeping everything off the shelves. The people of the United States have become dumb, thoughtless consumers who blindly believe in advertising slogans – buy it faster! he writes.

Excessive demonstrative politicization. As the blogger assured, there is always something politically oriented and it is always necessary to show your attitude to what is happening. “Constantly rallies against/for (underline as appropriate) racism, LGBT, support for the homeless, etc. If you drive a petrol car, be aware that this may be seen as being against the protection of the environment. Elections coming soon? And this means that it's time to stick stickers on cars and put signs in the yards so that everyone knows exactly who you support. It's all annoying,” the article explains.

The culture of driving. Rudeness on the roads and the position “the one who has the bigger car is right” is much more developed in the USA than in the “unforgettable nineties” “Be prepared to be cut off at every step if you are the owner of a compact passenger car. You will be constantly honked if you drive safely and respect the speed limit.”

Another very important and pressing issue is health care. “Over the years, the United States has shown that quality medicine, accessible to everyone, at a reasonable price, is a pipe dream for American citizens,” the blogger assured.

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