After mass deportations, the number of Russian tourists on the popular island has dropped sharply

After the mass deportations, the number of Russian tourists on the popular island has dropped sharply

. Due to violations of local legislation, Russian travelers “dropped out” of the top 10 tourists vacationing there. The statistics were published by the Indonesian portal Detik.

In April, only 14,462 Russians visited Bali, while in January 2023 – 22,073 people. The head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Bali, Anggiat Napitupulu, said that since the beginning of April this year, the tourist flow from Russia has sharply decreased and at present Russian travelers are not among the top 10 tourists vacationing in Bali.

“In April, Russia is no longer among the top ten arrivals on the island,” the official said during a press conference in Denpasar on May 4. According to his version, there are a number of factors that led to the outflow of Russians from Bali. First, mass expulsions. From the beginning of 2023 to the present, 27 Russian citizens have been deported from the Indonesian island for violations of local law. The total number of foreigners expelled from the island during the specified period is 101. At the same time, according to experts from the Immigration Center, this number will increase in the near future, if only because 18 foreigners are in custody in Jimbaran, awaiting a court decision. Four of them are citizens of Russia. Secondly, the fear of going to the resort because of the harsh rules of stay.

Those who have been expelled and are just waiting to be expelled are known to have violated immigration, traffic, customs, and disrespect for local culture. So, one of the latest high-profile events – a 40-year-old Russian woman posed naked against the backdrop of a shrine – a eucalyptus tree near the Babakan temple in the traditional Bayan village in Bali.

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