Against the backdrop of the frenzied heat of Russian tourists in a popular country, another misfortune will cover

Against the background of the frenzied heat of Russian tourists in a popular country, another misfortune will cover

Summer thunderstorms and severe storms are another misfortune that will cover Russian tourists in their popular country. We are talking about Thailand. The Thai Meteorological Department issued a warning that from Sunday to Wednesday, almost all of Thailand will be in a storm zone and urged local residents and tourists to exercise extreme caution.

“The zone of moderate high pressure from China will affect the northeastern region of the country and South – China Sea from Monday to Thursday. Hot temperatures are expected across the country. The main blow of inclement weather will fall to the north and east,” the meteorologists explained.

Separately, they reported that the coasts and resorts of Thailand are at risk. East and southeast winds will prevail over the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, which will lead to an increase in precipitation in the resorts, and tourists have also been warned of strong waves – they already reach a meter, and during a thunderstorm increase to more than two meters. Tourists are advised not to take risks, and pleasure boats are advised to stay ashore during bad weather.

Recall, according to weather forecasts, heat and drought await Thailand in the next two months. Temperatures in Bangkok and Phuket are already reaching the +54°C “perceived temperature” and tourists are being warned of the threat of heatstroke, the Bangkok Post reported, citing the Meteorological Department. Maximum temperatures for the remaining summer months have been revised by forecasters to reflect El Niño and are now expected to hover around 40°C instead of the previously predicted peak of 43°C. Read more at this link.

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