Air tickets in Russia have risen sharply: Turkey is in second place

Air tickets in Russia have risen sharply: Turkey is in second place

Prices for air tickets abroad in Russia have increased by almost 40%. The most expensive are popular tourist destinations such as Israel, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. The main reasons are aviation sanctions, which have sharply reduced the number of flights, as well as rising prices for jet fuel.

According to the Izvestia rating, which in turn was reproduced by the Turkish media, in the summer season, air tickets from Russia to abroad more expensive than last year by 37%. In numbers, the average ticket price has increased from 29,000 rubles in 2021 to almost 40,000 rubles in 2022.

The reasons are obvious – air sanctions have seriously reduced the number of flights departing from Russia abroad and airlines that have maintained flights with Russia. Accordingly, the demand for the remaining flights has grown. The rise in prices for aviation fuel also played its role.

As for prices by destinations, the most popular Turkey took the second place in terms of price growth. The ticket price increased by 1.9 times and reached 42.6 thousand rubles. In the first place was Israel, where the ticket price doubled and amounted to 54.5 thousand rubles. The UAE closes the top three – the ticket price has increased by 1.8 times and amounts to 54.7 thousand rubles.

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