Alien: tourists found a faceless massive creature on the beach, scientists are confused

Alien: tourists found a faceless massive creature on the beach, scientists are confused

A mysterious faceless massive creature resembling an extraterrestrial alien life form, found on a Cornish beach in the southwest of England. The identification of the find led scientists to a dead end.

A huge mystical “creature”, which showed no signs of life, was discovered by a tourist, her husband while walking with a dog along Maration beach. A faceless lump about a meter and a half in diameter and 30 to 40 cm thick, “a bit like a big fat jelly” without much odor – this is how a couple of tourists described it, the Daily Star reported.

The discovery, discovered on the Cornwall peninsula, washed by the waters of the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean, interested scientists. Speculation has been made of seaweed wrapped around an ominous bead-like creature with a “long piece of white rope” spotted by a 50-year-old traveler in some places. In addition, there have been reports of it being a whale's placenta, some form of giant stomach or intestines – or perhaps even a deflated weather balloon. However, during the discussion, the experts did not come to a consensus.

“I was walking my dog ​​on the beach when I noticed an unusually large white object in the sand. It was a white fleshy substance. It had no specific features, such as limbs, it seemed to be one mass. I couldn't bring myself to touch it, but I tried to move it with my boot, and when I did, it wobbled a little, like a big fat jelly! Seaweed was wrapped around it. Just as I expected, there was a long piece of white rope, slightly frayed in places. I was very curious and incomprehensible what it really was, ”the woman shared the find and stated that she could not even compare the mystical find with anything she had seen before. “All I could be sure of was that it was definitely organic matter, and I assumed it was thrown out by the sea,” she added.

According to the publication, Rob Deville, Project Manager at program for the study of washed ashore cetaceans, also had no idea about the origin of the miracle object: “It's hard to say what it is, looking only at the pictures. In my opinion, the mass is like fragmentary remains of stomachs or intestinal tract. Unfortunately, the species and even the broad taxonomic group are not clear. It may be a large cetacean or a giant shark. But I know the latter is perhaps less likely given the time of year. But we regularly receive reports of fragmentary animal remains every year.”

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