All their smiles, emotions look insincere: a Russian tourist named 4 nations, intimidated by tolerance

All their smiles, emotions look insincere: a Russian tourist named 4 nations intimidated by tolerance

Four nations that are “intimidated by tolerance” and do not know how to maintain “deep conversations from the heart,” a Russian tourist traveling in Thailand singled out on his blog on Yandex.Zen. He stated that while “with some foreigners there are very deep conversations about the meaning of life, cultural differences, relationships and much more”, then with others “all their smiles, emotions look insincere”.

“Got”, as you might guess, tourists from the English-speaking world. “If I can discuss interesting topics with tourists from Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy (maybe with someone else), then with the British, Americans and Canadians this is a rarity. They all seem to be from the same country. There is an assumption that Australians are also similar, ”the tourist assured. According to him, according to the experience of communication, it seems that they have the same culture and it does not cause sympathy.

“All their smiles, emotions look insincere, I don’t see in them the ability to maintain deep heart-to-heart conversations. As if all this was erased under the yoke of a single culture. The national identity is gone. This can be seen very clearly, but I even asked: “Don't you think that people in your countries are very similar?” In response, he received indignation, saying: “No, we are very different, there is a huge difference between us!”, The tourist said. He also added that these tourists “seem to be intimidated and unable to speak directly about some things, such as: religion, racial differences, sometimes politics.” Moreover, “they seemed to study at the same school,” the blogger added. “There is a feeling that they are completely trained by excessive tolerance, which does not allow them to be honest even in their own thoughts, not to mention speaking them out loud,” he said.

At the same time, the tourist added that stereotypes about Europeans were dispelled in the opposite direction. “I can still discuss a lot with most Europeans,” he said. Moreover, the tourists did not forget to emphasize that “I met a lot of tourists on my way who adhere to traditional values.” “A Frenchwoman openly admitted to me that she partially condemns non-traditional culture. The Dutch woman said that she does not like feminism and the imbalance of male and female,” he added.

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