Already 75 tourists have died in a month and a half: vacationers in Thailand have been warned of mortal danger

Already 75 tourists have died in a month and a half: vacationers in Thailand have been warned of mortal danger

In just 1.5 months 75 foreign tourists were killed and another 2,886 were injured to varying degrees on the dangerous roads of resort Thailand in 2023. These are the fatal crash reports, according to The Thaiger, citing the Thai RSC Accident Information Centre.

Official data recorded from January 1 to February 15, 2023 showed that a total of 2,099 people have died in traffic accidents in Thailand this year. Of these, 75 were foreigners. As for the victims, for 1.5 months the figures are as follows: 106.133 people were injured, 2.886 of which were foreign tourists.

Alarming statistics of the last week, i.е. from February 5 to 11, this: a total of 312 people, including foreigners, died on the roads of Thailand. Of the 75 foreigners killed on the roads in Thailand this year, 69.71% are men and 30.29% are women. Most of the victims, 75.31% to be exact, were on motorcycles. The vast majority of fatal accidents occurred in the resort province of Chiang Mai, which has no access to the sea. Nine foreign tourists died on its roads this year, six more died under the wheels in the province of Patum Thani, five in Samut Prakan, four in Surat Thani, four in Trat, three in Bangkok.

For comparison, in 2022, the Thai RSC recorded the death of 551 foreigners on the roads of Thailand, and another 7,912 foreigners were injured. By analogy with current data, 78.64% of the dead tourists in 2022 were driving motorcycles. Again, 69.96% are men and 29.99% are women. Last year, the province of Chiang Mai (49 foreign tourists), the capital Bangkok (44 foreigners), Chonburi (in particular, Pattaya) (44 people), the resort island of Phuket (33 people), became the leader in the anti-rating of provinces in terms of deaths in road accidents last year. (32 foreigners), Rayong and Pathum Thani (26 foreigners each), Samut Sakhon (25 people), the coastal province of Prachuap Khiri Khan bordering Myanmar (21 people).

It was clarified that not all accidents made headlines, so details about each case are not available. Information about whether the Russians appeared in the reports for the 1.5-month period has not yet appeared either. But here's what we know about some recent accidents:

  1. The British tried to return the body of the head of the family home after they learned that he died in a motorcycle accident on January 10.
  2. Two weeks ago, an American died when his Ducati crashed into a truck with a trailer in the resort province of Phang Nga.
  3. Three weeks ago, a Swede died in a motorcycle accident in the province of Roi Et. He was in Thailand for only five days, visiting his Thai girlfriend, whom he met on the Internet two years ago.
  4. On January 20, an American died after crashing his motorcycle into a lamppost in Chonburi.

As for the last year, it, unfortunately, turned out to be rich in fatal accidents involving Russians.

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