America gave the go-ahead to Mir: Russians can now use domestic cards in their popular country

America gave the go-ahead to Mir: Russians can now use domestic cards in their popular country

Kazakhstan was allowed to service Mir cards on a signal from the United States: America decided to take care of suffering Russian relocators. According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Kazakh regulators received a letter from one of the departments of the US Treasury Department (OFAC), which reported that Kazakh banks can conduct transactions with Russian Mir cards, but only with those owned by individuals.

“The letter contains a clarification that operations are allowed for citizens who have migrated to Kazakhstan so that they can provide for their livelihoods,” the newspaper writes. However, in independent Kazakhstan, “all card transactions will be under special control to prevent their use to circumvent sanctions.”

Now banks in Kazakhstan can accept payments, transfers using Mir cards, and individuals can also withdraw cash using these cards through ATMs.

“The United States is interested in developing economic relations with Kazakhstan, in particular in oil issues and gas. And this gesture, on the one hand, can be regarded as loyalty to the authorities of the republic,” Nikolai Vavilov, a specialist in the Strategic Research Department at Total Research, added to the publication. According to the expert, they can take care of relocators in Armenia and Georgia in the same way. However, the first Mir cards continue to be accepted successfully.

Note that this material was quickly reprinted by the Turkish media. Where, firstly, there are also quite a few “relocators”. And secondly, the refusal of frightened commercial banks to work with the Russian Mir created many problems with tourists.

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