American tourist did not understand where he was, and was fined 500 euros

American tourist did not understand where he was and was fined 500 euros

A serious fine for violating Italian laws and for driving a car an American tourist paid for the most famous Italian landmark, who, in his explanation, assured that he “did not understand where he was.” He paid a fine of 500 euros for passing the world-famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence.

The bridge over the Arno River, the “original version” of which was built back in 996, and then it was repeatedly rebuilt, only on foot. The bridge is very popular among tourists – it connects the Pitti Palace with Republic Square.

However, the 34-year-old man, as it turned out later, an American tourist crossed the bridge in a rented Fiat Panda car. As a result, he was fined for violating the ban, as well as for driving without an international driver's license. In total, the fine amounted to 540 euros.

According to CNN, the tourist assured that he did not understand where he was and that he was on the famous medieval bridge. He was just looking for parking, the tourist added. Note that Ponte Vecchio is built up on both sides with shops, covered from above and usually filled with pedestrians.

Recall that this is not the only scandal with a motorist. Last May, a tourist from Saudi Arabia drove a luxurious Maserati sports car down the famous Spanish Steps in Rome. A 37-year-old foreign tourist was charged with aggravated damage to the city's cultural heritage and monuments. Read more at this link.

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