An abnormally hot day was promised at the resorts of Egypt: meteorologists named a specific date

An abnormally hot day was promised at Egyptian resorts: meteorologists named a specific date

An extremely hot week was promised to tourists at Egyptian resorts. By Wednesday, May 17, the temperature in Hurghada will rise to +34 degrees. And tourists who went on excursions to Luxor are generally waiting for 36-38 degree heat. Such a forecast for this week was presented by the Egyptian Meteorological Office.

According to the presented forecast, Egypt is waiting for “an increase in temperature throughout the country”, “very hot” temperatures are promised in Cairo, as well as in the Sinai. So, in the Egyptian capital, tourists who have gathered for an excursion will be met by morning +19, which in the daytime will rise to +32. It is even hotter in the popular sightseeing Luxor – up to +36 during the daytime. And even at the “pole of cold” – in Sinai near the monastery of St. Catherine, where frosts were recorded until recently, +28 is expected in the afternoon. True, it’s only +11 at night, so it won’t hurt tourists who want to meet the dawn to warm up.

As for the resorts themselves, in Hurghada, tourists will find a heat of +34 degrees during the day, and at night it’s quite warm – +26. By the end of the week, a slight decrease in temperature – up to +30 degrees. A similar picture is in Sharm el-Sheikh. They also predict a very active sun and ask tourists not to forget sunscreen. The water in the Red Sea is +26 degrees.

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