An alarm signal was sounded from Turkey: life was made difficult for Russian tourists

An alarm signal was sounded from Turkey: life was made difficult for Russian tourists

Another “sanctions problem” has arisen for Russian tourists – they report that the Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines began to block payment for their air tickets with a card ” Mir”, although he had previously accepted it. This also affected other Turkish companies, for example, online stores. The material of Izvestia, which presented this problem, contains a statement by the NSPK, the clearing center for MIR cards, that foreign banks that accept national cards abroad can unilaterally limit the service of Russian sanctioned banks.

Tourists, according to experts, are complaining about the problem en masse. “Numerous user complaints about the inability to use cards of the Russian payment system from Sberbank, VTB and Tinkoff on the website of this airline appeared on the Vinsky forum, which is used by travelers,” the newspaper's experts say.

According to their complaints, Turkish Airlines no longer allows you to buy tickets on the website with Mir cards issued by a number of Russian banks, both sanctioned and not subject to restrictions. The system asks the client to contact a credit institution or try another payment method. At the same time, according to some reports, we are talking about buying tickets already inside Turkey – so a forum user named Bogdesha complained that for several days MIR Tinkoff and Sberbank could not pay for tickets from Istanbul to Antalya. I ended up paying with a union pay card. On the other hand, experts personally confirmed the fact of problems with payment by the Mir card of Sberbank. As a result, to buy tickets, tourists are forced to go to one of the airline's offices, use foreign bank cards or UnionPay systems.

So far, Turkish Airlines has not commented on the situation. The banks also did not confirm that they had received complaints from customers about the impossibility of paying with Mir cards on the websites of foreign countries where Mir was previously accepted, including “sanctioned” ones.

“Currently, some foreign acquiring banks that provide acceptance of national cards in these countries can independently make a decision to suspend the service of Mir in the network of their devices or on websites. This may affect the cards of Russian banks, which are under blocking sanctions, the national payment system specified. Then operations on Russian “plastic” will be rejected on the side of acquiring banks, ”Mir experts explained in turn. Comments from Turkish banks and the Central Banks of Russia and Turkey have also not been received yet.

Experts suggest that the reason why Turkish acquiring banks may refuse to work with Russian credit institutions from the SDN list may be the fear of foreign partners falling under secondary sanctions. Turkish banks also need liquidity guarantees – the assurance that all transactions will then be covered by the receipt of money from Russian banks.

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