An alarm sounded for Russian tourists: an outbreak of a terrible disease occurred in a country filled with Russians

An alarm sounded for Russian tourists: an outbreak of a terrible disease occurred in a country filled with Russians

Unvaccinated tourists in Armenia are recommended be extremely careful. True, this time the “alarm signal” was not sounded because of the coronavirus – a measles outbreak is recorded in a country filled with Russians. Therefore, unvaccinated tourists and “relocants” were advised to take care and get vaccinated.

According to the Ministry of Health of Armenia, at the moment the number of laboratory-confirmed cases of measles in the country has reached 50. Moreover, three of them have been sent to the hospital and one case is regarded as severe. Among the sick, the majority are children – these are 34 people aged from 3 months to 16 years; adults – 16 people, from 21 to 64 years old. The vast majority – 44 patients – were not vaccinated against measles, 4 were partially vaccinated with 1 dose and 2 were fully vaccinated with 2 doses.

Health officials have urged parents, as well as unvaccinated adults, to get vaccinated.

Our reference: measles is a highly contagious disease known to man for a long time; You can get infected even by entering a room where the patient has recently visited. This truth is “compensated” by the development of stable immunity in those who have been ill. Typically, the incubation period lasts 7-14 days after exposure, when the person does not show any signs of illness. Next comes the catarrhal stage, which in adults is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • temperature 38-40
  • profuse runny nose
  • severe dry cough
  • < li>sore throat when swallowing

  • severe headache
  • general aches and weakness
  • eye inflammation

Where On the fifth day after the catarrhal stage, a period of rash begins – a rash begins to appear on the patient's skin, usually on the neck, head, upper chest, then it spreads throughout the patient's body. The rash lasts for another 3-4 days and begins to fade. After that, a recovery period normally begins.

As a rule, unvaccinated children “catch” measles, in whom the disease proceeds more or less easily. For adults and debilitated people, measles is fraught with complications, including pneumonia, meningitis and measles encephalitis, as the rarest and most dangerous complication.

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