An alarm sounded for Russians who own real estate in the EU: the date has been named when it will begin to be seized under a plausible pretext

Alarm sounded for Russians owning real estate in the EU: date announced when they begin to seize it under a plausible pretext

In the EU, they are discussing the option of taking property under a plausible environmental pretext – we are talking about a draft law that will practically unlimitedly allow European governments to seize old residential buildings that do not meet the new energy efficiency standard from people. True, there are still seven years left before the adoption of this law – it can be adopted by 2030, but nevertheless, Khazin's telegram channel recommended that Russians who have real estate in Europe consider this issue. The Russian middle class bought especially a lot of real estate in its time in Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro, and richer people bought it in Spain and France. Now they can be seized…

“If yours do not meet the new European energy efficiency standards as part of the fight against non-existent climate change, then in 2030 they will become uninhabitable. So if you own real estate in Europe, you better start looking into this issue,” the economist warned. He also stated that an energy renovation could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and age of the building.

“In many cases, this is simply not feasible. Without these requirements, you will not be allowed to live in or rent out your property. The bank in which you received a mortgage loan will certainly demand it back, and you will go bankrupt and find yourself foreclosed, your property will instantly lose value, ”the expert added. Moreover, with today's problematic entry into Europe and other threats “hanging” over the European property of Russians, one should be careful.

On the other hand, the European Parliament is not in a hurry with these decisions. Almost everything can change in today's unpredictable environment in seven years.

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