An American tourist went to Russia in “Tasty – and that's it” and was very surprised

An American tourist came to Russia in «Delicious— and that» and was very surprised

American a traveler and fast food lover came to Russia, went to Vkusno – and that's the point and was very surprised by the organization of the institution and the dishes presented on the menu. A Russian woman decided to “test” a visitor with Russian fast food. She spoke about the results in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

So, a resident of the USA, Chris, was surprised at once by several things in a Russian fast food restaurant, the analogue of which in the States is McDonald's.

Firstly, the appearance of the employees. According to the Russian woman, her acquaintance immediately drew attention to this, exclaiming at the entrance: “What beautiful and well-groomed girls work for you, do they recruit models for this position?”
“Bright lipstick, long braids, accessories – everything is completely different with us. In the American McDonald's, it seems that the girls are specially sewn into a wretched uniform and forbidden to wear makeup to make them look wretched, ”the traveler added with a laugh.

In turn, the girl was surprised that the American really did not know about these rules. As the author explained, the company's policy is actually such that visitors are not distracted by beautiful employees and eat without being distracted by anything, including between eating burgers they do not have time to think about being overweight. True, there is another strange explanation for the “plainness” of the staff: “girls are deliberately sewn in an ugly uniform and forbidden to wear makeup so that wives are calm when they send husbands with children to a cafe,” the blogger assured.

Secondly, high customer focus. No American McDonalds can boast of this. As the interlocutor explained, in his homeland in fast food establishments there are no consultants standing at self-service terminals and ready to help in choosing dishes. “This is service, I understand! In our country, all fast food cafes work for a stream, but in Russia everyone will get attention. I didn’t expect this! ”, The American admired.

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Thirdly, delicious food. The quality of the food “completely made the foreigner fall in love with the Russian brand,” the girl noted. Chris did not expect that the rebranded establishment would be able to “surpass” the classic American McDonald's. “But you definitely did it. Delicious, period!” he added, and ate the fifth curd with pleasure.

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