An experienced tourist fell for the bait of the tour operator, and told everyone how gullible vacationers are now being bred

An experienced tourist fell for the bait of a tour operator and told everyone how gullible vacationers are now being bred

» gullible vacationers who want to buy a tour to a good hotel at a cheaper price, an experienced tourist told in detail. She herself fell for a similar bait of the tour operator, and in her blog in Yandex.Zen she outlined the details of the “wiring” and ways to avoid it.

In the case of a tourist, it was about the Pickalbatros Blu Spa 5 * hotel, which the blogger, wintering in Hurghada, has long wanted to visit at least for a few days. “It seems to me that this is a great option for a holiday in Egypt. It works on a 16+ concept and seems to be very good. The only thing stopping me was the price. A double room in this all-inclusive hotel costs 17 thousand rubles per night. It is psychologically difficult to give such an amount when there are many worthy options around at a price of up to 10 thousand,” the tourist told the details.

As a result, she “waited for a sale or at least some tangible discount”, which was the reason for an unpleasant acquaintance with the “wiring”. According to the blogger, on some “popular aggregator site” she saw what she had been waiting for so long: “A night at the Albatross for 6.6 thousand rubles for two. All inclusive,” she explained. At the same time, “a cheap tour was offered by a tour operator that I had not heard of before,” the blogger added. All well-known market players had prices at least twice as high.

“I decided that I was just lucky to get to the action. And also that a popular service will definitely not steal my money. Therefore, I decided to book a tour at an attractive price,” the blogger added. At the same time, according to her, she booked the tour on Friday afternoon. And I had to check into the hotel in the hotel in 4 days – on Tuesday. “I didn’t receive my voucher either on Friday or on the weekend. And on Monday afternoon, a letter arrived: “The tour operator said that you need to pay an extra 2 thousand rubles,” says the blogger. At the same time, she remembered, “the tiny font in the corner indicated a possible price change, but I did not attach any importance to this.”

“I said, ‘OK, I agree. If there are definitely no other additional payments, and the tour operator will book the hotel for sure. I was assured that “the number is available”, everything is ok. Paid. I have been waiting for my voucher for several hours. Check-in is tomorrow, but there is still no confirmation! I wrote to support. I was told that they would rush the tour operator. A couple of hours later I wrote again. And she received in response …: “The tour operator demands to pay another 6.5 thousand rubles,” the blogger tells further details of the divorce. As a result, a “cheap” hotel room would have cost the tourist 15 thousand, and not for “all inclusive”, but only for breakfast.

“I refused to pay extra. I got my entire money back immediately. They would return the time spent,” the tourist also notes.

As a result, she voices the following “moral” to her “colleagues”, tourists choosing a hotel: “A night in a good all-inclusive hotel cannot cost 6 thousand rubles. Especially if the leading tour operators sell it for 15-17 thousand. It is worth considering if one tour operator offers a very low price for a tour, and everyone else is asking for twice as much. Especially if you have never heard of such a company before. You will not lose money (although, probably, anything can happen), but no one will definitely return the time spent to you. Don't chase cheap prices if you don't want to break your plans!”

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