And you want and prick: British tourists rush about before the holiday season

I want it and it hurts: British tourists rush about before the holiday season

The British really want to relax this summer – the first summer free from the pandemic, but the economic situation, the rise in prices for all goods and services, as well as political worries due to the Ukrainian crisis, strongly influence their choice. So far, according to Kantar TGI, just 16% of Britons have firmly booked a summer holiday, with another 20% planning to book a holiday in the near future. The remaining two-thirds of those surveyed are actually in “suspense” – with 21% citing economic reasons, and another 49% are not ready to go on vacation due to ongoing travel restrictions. As a result, the proverb can be applied to the current situation – “you both want and prick”: British tourists rush about before the holiday season.

In total, about 24 thousand potential British tourists were interviewed. At the same time, those 36% who either have already booked a vacation or are ready to do so are also worried. 77% of this group are worried about the cost of living, and 75% are worried about the political situation, primarily the conflict in Ukraine. Another 41%, by the way, say that they are worried about whether they will be able to pay for essential services, primarily utility bills and electricity.

At the same time, those who plan to rest are mainly planning a vacation abroad. The fact that they are planning to spend a vacation abroad was stated by 78% of those who are firmly planning to rest. In December last year, their share was only 28%, in February it increased to 42%.

At the same time, tourists expect their spending to increase. More precisely, 72% of those planning a holiday abroad are counting on a “reasonable increase in vacation expenses”, and another 19% are confident that their expenses will increase significantly.

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