“Aneks”, “Pegasus” and “Koral” were given 1.5 million seats to Turkey for Russian tourists

The “rescue mission” for the Russian tourist flow has been confirmed: the Turkish flag carrier Turkish Airlines has agreed to send 1.5 million Russian tourists to the country during the year. As part of the state program, which will include the creation of a new charter airline, the carrier guarantees the availability of seats for Russian tour operators of Turkish origin offering tour packages for our compatriots. These are Anex Tour, Pegas Touristik and Coral Travel. Such data followed from the statement of Turkish Airlines.

The current agreement is part of a larger plan developed by Turkish departments in order not to miss the massive Russian tourist flow in the current realities.
According to the Turkish Sabah, Turkish Airlines has been in talks with leading tour operators for a long time. Now that an understanding has been reached and a way out has been found to avoid the pressure of sanctions, the program is being put into practice.

Anex Tour, Pegas Touristik and Coral Travel tour operators in Russia will receive a $300 million loan guaranteed by the Credit Guarantee Fund. This credit support will be offered to travel agencies affected by the sanctions imposed against Russia.

Pegasus Airlines, being Turkey's second largest carrier, will also participate in the seat matching scheme. He will allocate up to 500,000 seats.

As part of Turkey's tourism scheme, a new charter airline will also be created, which will focus only on Russian tourism. The new charter carrier will be based in Antalya, the main resort center of the country. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Finance are participating in the process of organizing a company that will serve exclusively Russians traveling to the Turkish shores.

The airline is expected to offer about one million seats this year. Together with Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines, Russian tourists will be guaranteed at least three million seats on flights to Turkey this year.

Help: Turkish Airlines is one of the few foreign airlines that still fly to Russia, although it has significantly reduced its schedule over the past month. In addition, under pressure from Western sanctions, the airline banned Russian tourists from flying on all routes except between Russia and Turkey.
The events in Ukraine, which led to an embargo against Russian companies, made it difficult for Russian tour operators to further transport vacationers to Turkish resorts.

Russian tourists have been the leading source of holidaymakers in the Republic of Turkey for several years now. So, in 2021, almost 4.7 million Russians visited the country, despite the global coronavirus pandemic. For the 2022 season, the Turkish authorities had much more ambitious plans: it was expected that the resorts would receive about seven million Russian tourists. However, the conflict over Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions intervened in the plans.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that the European Union continues to fight Russian tourism, forcing air sanctions. For details, read the article “Tourism has sounded an alarm: the EU has blacklisted 21 Russian airlines.”

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