Anex announced tours in Turkey due to the blocking of cards of Russian tourists

Anex announced excursions in Turkey due to the blocking of cards of Russian tourists

The system of prepaid excursions in Turkey when booking a tour was introduced by the tour operator ANEX tour. Representatives of the tour operator said that tourists are “seriously concerned” about the blocking of payments made by Russian bank cards abroad.

“In view of the current restrictions on transactions with Russian-issued Mastercard, Maestro and Visa bank cards, an alternative method of paying for excursion products was developed. Now excursions in Turkey can be added when booking a tour, payment in this case is made in rubles,” Anex said.

Experts noted that the service is in demand, as the high season has begun, and tourists often want to buy an excursion during their holidays. “Therefore, we have introduced the sale of excursions in the booking system for all available resorts in Turkey. It is worth noting that for the Aegean region, the launch of preliminary booking of excursions has been implemented for the first time,” the press service of ANEX Tour states.

The mechanism of action is as follows: Anex tourists can add excursion programs in Turkey directly to the application when booking a tour . Payment is made for the full package, including selected excursions, and is available with a Russian card of any payment system, including Mir. “Today, not all excursions in Turkey are available for booking, their list will expand significantly in the near future. It is already possible to add such programs as “Demre-Mira-Kekova”, “Cappadocia (2 days)”, “Pamukkale + Salda Lake (2 days)”, “Premium excursion to Pamukkale”, “Istanbul (1 day)”, etc. The cost of excursions is indicated in rubles, which allows you to choose the appropriate option based on the budget and interests of the tourist,” Anex added. Excursions are purchased in the “additional services” section.

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