Anex launches summer charters to Thailand: tour prices published

Anex launches summer charters to Thailand: tour prices published

ANEX Tour tour operator announced the summer charter program. We are talking about routes from Moscow on the wings of Red Wings, which should start from May 1. Prices start from 185 thousand rubles. for two.

According to ATOR, two tour operators intend to use the program – the second one, who will load Red Wings flights on the Moscow – Pattaya (Utapao) route, is FUN&SUN (former TUI). The details of the flight program are as follows.

The program is scheduled to start on May 1st and end on October 28th. Departures to Pattaya are planned from Moscow Domodedovo twice a week – on Mondays and Fridays.

According to Anex, there is a demand. “Retail partners and tourists have contacted us with requests to extend the charter program to Thailand beyond the summer. Thailand in the winter season has become a real breakthrough in terms of sales. The summer season also promises good volumes, ”ATOR quotes their statement.

As for prices, at the beginning of the program, in May, for a package tour with this transportation, prices for 4 * for 11 nights will cost 193 thousand .rubles A similar tour in July – from 185 thousand rubles.

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