Anex made a statement on tours to Turkey

Anex made a statement on tours to Turkey

One of the major Russian tour operators with “Turkish” roots has promised to bring almost a million Russian tourists to Turkey this year. Such a statement, according to the Turkish press, was made by ANEX Tour. The tour operator announced that in the 2023 season it intends to bring 900,000 Russian tourists to Turkey for vacation.

“In 2023, Turkey will become the place where Russians spend the most holidays. There is an opportunity to increase the volume of Turkey, where we brought 800 thousand tourists in 2022, by 10-15% this year,” said ANEX Tour distribution manager Konstantin Gulevich.

At the same time, the expert went “against the current ” the main tone of the statements of the Russian tourist market – which, we recall, declare that the rush prices in Turkey will “drop” demand for at least several million tourists. Read the details at this link. “Current prices affect demand, but not much. Modest demand in April and May traditionally does not differ from the previous situation. For several hotels where prices are rising too much, there are many hotels where the price has increased by 10-15%, the situation is better in the budget accommodation segment,” he said. The expert also added that the price is increased by “high airfare”.

According to him, “budget” tourists are adapting: either choose more modest hotels, or shorten their holidays. At the same time, the share of high-budget tours is increasing.

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