Anex made an important announcement on Turkey by reopening sales

Anex made an important announcement on Turkey, reopening sales

“Russian-Turkish” tour operators are trying to deploy flight programs that were curtailed due to “air sanctions”. The tour operator Anex Tour officially announced that the air carrier AZUR air, affiliated with the company, announced new flights to Istanbul.

“In the system of the tour operator ANEX Tour, air tickets on the Moscow-Istanbul and Istanbul routes became available for booking. – Moscow”, starting March 13. The airport of departure is Vnukovo,” the tour operator informs. The company also emphasizes that all flights will be carried out on Boeing 767-300 aircraft registered in Russia.

“You can buy tickets from Moscow to Istanbul or from Istanbul to Moscow at any convenient travel agency in your city through ANEX Tour . It also remains available to book ground services (accommodation and private transfer) in Istanbul,” Anex experts add.

The cost of a one-way flight, however, is not expected to be budgetary. The price of a flight to Moscow starts from 48,000 rubles.

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