Anex presented new tourist programs for the summer

Anex presented new tourist programs for the summer

New tourist excursion programs for the summer were presented by the tour operator “Anex Tour”. According to the official website of the company, we are talking about internal excursion programs in Russia. As Anex assured, “the trend for domestic tourism is steadily gaining momentum,” so the tour operator continues to expand its product line and offer new tour options.

In total, at the moment, the tour operator's excursion program includes about 33 routes lasting from 2 to 9 days, all of which involve visiting the most interesting objects of the Golden Ring. Most of the new programs are presented in the format of bus tours. Among them:

  • «Terrible king, amusing fleet and dashing stronghold hussars» (2 days/1 night): the two-day itinerary includes the ancient Dmitrovsky Kremlin, a sightseeing tour of Pereslavl-Zalessky, the Museum of the Kingdom of Ryapushka, the Museum of Russian National Drinks and much more. Dates of the next arrivals: 27.05, 10.06, 01.07. Route: Moscow – Dmitrov – Pereslavl-Zalessky – Yuryev-Polsky – Gavrilov Posad – Alexandrov – Moscow.
  • “Secrets of the Northern Monasteries” (4 days /3 nights) Route: Moscow – Vologda – Kirillov – Pereslavl-Zalessky – Rostov the Great – Sugorye – Tolga – Ferapontovo – Yaroslavl – Moscow. Dates of the next races: 01.06, 22.06, 06.07.
  • “Golden Horde: from Volgograd to Astrakhan” (6 days/5 nights) – an exclusive tour operator, a bus tour departing from Moscow during which travelers will be able to visit Mamaev Kurgan, see the panorama of the Battle of Stalingrad, see the Astrakhan Kremlin, take a walk through the Selensky Isady fish market, immerse themselves in the history of the Golden Orda” during the tour of Sarai-Batu, as well as enjoy the views of Lake Baskunchak and the Volga Delta. Dates of the next races: 01.06, 09.06, 22.06, 29.06. Route: Moscow – Volgograd – Elista – Astrakhan – Saray-Batu – Moscow
  • “From the Kremlin to the Kremlin” (4 days/3 nights) – during the route, tourists will see the Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Suzdal Kremlin. In addition, the program includes a photo-stop in the village of Gus-Zhelezny, numerous sightseeing tours, as well as a visit to the village of Konstantinovo, which is the birthplace of the world-famous Russian poet S.A. Yesenin. Dates of the next arrivals: 13.06, 11.07, 08.09. Route: Moscow – Konstantinovo – Ryazan – Kasimov – Murom – Nizhny Novgorod – Gorokhovets – Vladimir – Bogolyubovo – Suzdal – Moscow
  • North-Eastern Russia (3 days/2 nights) – during the route, tourists will visit the Rostov Kremlin, the arrow of the Volga and Kotorosl rivers, the Assumption Cathedral, the largest port city of Kostroma, they will stop by the city of brides Ivanovo, and also see the Trinity-Sergius Lavra and the majestic Spaso- The Transfiguration Cathedral of the 12th century is the only one of the first five white-stone churches of North-Eastern Russia that has come down to us almost completely intact. Dates of the next arrivals: 31.05, 07.06, 14.06, 21.06, 28.06. Route: Moscow – Sergiev Posad – Pereslavl-Zalessky – Rostov the Great – Yaroslavl – Kostroma – Ivanovo – Suzdal – Moscow

The cost of new excursion tours lasting 2 days starts from 23 thousand rubles for two, start of the program 10.06.23. The price includes excursion services, meals and accommodation according to the program.

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