Anexa Airlines decides to cut half its fleet due to lack of spare parts

Aneksa Airlines decided to reduce half of its fleet due to lack of spare parts

The Russian charter airline AZUR air, affiliated with the tour operator Anex Tour, will withdraw from the flight program almost half of the aircraft that it has left after the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation. The reason for the decision is the lack of spare parts. This was reported by Interfax with reference to a letter from the company's CEO Yevgeny Korolev to employees.

We are talking about the suspension of operation of 10 out of 22 aircraft. For the transportation of passengers, the airline leaves 12 Boeing 767 and 757 aircraft. According to the register of air operator certificates, the size of the AZUR air fleet is currently 22 aircraft. All are American Boeings: 10 each Boeing 767 and -757 and one each -777 and -737. Before the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, there were 35 of them.

It follows from the appeal to employees that Turkey is currently the only foreign destination of AZUR air, but in the future the carrier plans to increase its international flight network. In addition, the CEO argued the curtailment of the flight program in Sochi by saving aircraft resources: “This is a necessary decision to ensure maximum flight safety while we are looking for new channels for the supply of spare parts.”

As noted by the publication, despite the suspension of the operation of 45% of the fleet, Korolev called the state of AZUR air as “sustainable”, but at the same time warned of possible reductions. “We may not have enough margin of safety to keep the team in full. But we will do our best to get through these difficult times with minimal losses. The HR unit will discuss staffing options separately with each division,” Korolev explained.

Reference from Wikipedia: Azur air is the largest Russian charter airline operating flights from forty Russian cities to 29 international tourist destinations, and is a strategic partner of the tour operator Anex Tour. The company started operating under the AZUR air brand in December 2014.
AZUR air was created on the basis of Katekavia using its air operator certificate, a subsidiary of UTair, which has been operating flights to domestic destinations since 1995. From March 8, 2022, the airline temporarily suspends all international flights, like other Russian air carriers, since the sanctions of Western countries banned the supply of new aircraft and spare parts to the Russian Federation, and also obliged Western lessors to withdraw liners leased from domestic airlines. Dozens of liners were arrested abroad. Aircraft in a modern livery have a blue Azur Air lettering and the airline's logo on both sides of the fuselage, the company's logo is located on the blue stabilizer. According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, in 2021 the airline carried 3.7 million tourists, becoming the eighth largest company in Russia in terms of traffic.

In particular, the airline is known to tourists because of the incident that occurred with passengers returning from Egyptian Hurghada in Ufa: instead of the usual food, they were given Doshirak – details here.

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