Announced what restrictions may affect the Russians in the popular resorts of Spain

It has been announced what restrictions may affect Russians in popular resorts in Spain

The authorities of the resort towns of Spain, in which thousands of Russians own real estate and live there, declared their readiness at any time bring back anti-covid restrictions. The reason for the introduction of strict measures is the threat of a new variant of the coronavirus. This was reported by The Mirror.

For two years, holidays in Spain – one of the most visited European countries by Russians before the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions – were dominated by restrictions designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But last October, the penultimate of these measures was lifted, the popular tourist state decided to return to normal. However, not all measures have been lifted. For example, the only requirement left is to wear a mask on public transport, on airplanes and in medical centers, including pharmacies.

Now, it looks like the authorities may be ready to impose some stricter restrictions again as the threat of the new strain rises and the public is already preparing for it. Thus, the popular tourist region of Andalusia, which includes Malaga, Seville and Granada, became the first major place where officials “transparently hinted” that some new restrictive rules could be introduced, and the president of the regional government, Juanna Moreno, asked for “maximum precautions “. Recently, the official admitted that she does not rule out “taking preventive measures”: “I prefer to be far-sighted.”

Mallorca (Canary Islands), another popular holiday destination, is already recommending that locals and visitors wear face masks if they enter the premises, although health officials have noticed that the use of medical protective equipment is left to the discretion of visitors, at least for now. moment.

Moreno also expressed her concern about the millions of infections in China and the possibility that new strains could be dealt with by vaccines. In addition, she confirmed that the Andalusian public health committee will meet on January 17 so that experts can give their opinion on the current situation and “shed light on how we can address some of the aspects that concern us.”

“Prevention is better than cure, and it’s better to be two small steps ahead, not two small steps behind,” the politician said. “I prefer to be wrong in foresight and that we will make decisions in case we have some kind of incident that we hope and believe will not happen.”

Due to the fact that the World The health organization recommended reusing protective masks indoors, Balearic Government Minister of Health Patricia Gómez urged everyone, including tourists, to be vigilant. “We all know that the virus is actively circulating indoors,” she told people. “The mask is a preventive measure, although there is currently no indication of a return to general mandatory indoor use.”

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