Another complete surrender: a country popular with Russians lifted all entry restrictions

Another complete capitulation: a country popular with Russians has lifted all entry restrictions

From May 1 and at least until the end of summer Greece lifted covid restrictions in the interests of tourists. Russian tourists who manage to “sneak” into the country will also be affected by this measure.

Tourists no longer need to present PCR tests or vaccination certificates at the border. “The Greek government has confirmed that as of May 1, tourists are exempt from the requirement to present a vaccine certificate, proof of a negative test or a certificate of recovery. from Covid to enter Greece.

Inside the country, the “vaccination qualification” has also been canceled – proof of “vaccination” is no longer needed to visit museums, restaurants, attractions and other places that are relevant for tourists. The minimum capacity requirement has been lifted from restaurants, taverns and entertainment centers.

However, the country partially retained the mask regime. Masks are required to be worn in public places. This rule will be canceled from June 1.

Recall that in May, many countries lifted covid restrictions on entry. For example, Armenia, open to our tourists, where you can enter without a visa and even with a Russian passport (details at the link). Bulgaria also removes restrictions – but our tourists will have to “make their way” through Istanbul.

But Italy has gone against the main trends – and is in no hurry to lift restrictions. However, Russian tourists can still get in there. Read the details at the link.

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