Another country has simplified entry for Russian tourists

Another country has simplified the entry for Russian tourists

Qatar has simplified the “antique” rules for entry into the country for Russian travelers. As the correspondent of the TURPROM infogroup was told in the press service of Qatar Touris, the entry rules for Russian travelers who have been ill with COVID-19 over the past nine months will change. According to the requirements, to visit the country, you must provide a certificate of a person who has recovered from the State Services website in English, as well as an antibody test after the illness.

“Qatar also accepts travelers vaccinated with Sputnik V vaccine within 6 months of arrival in Qatar or Sputnik Light booster vaccine. A minimum of fourteen (14) days must have elapsed since the last component of the vaccine was administered. The entry rules for vaccinated travelers remain the same – a vaccination certificate is required to enter the country, as well as a positive antibody test after vaccination, valid for up to 30 days,” the experts said.

Also, all travelers must do the following:

  1. provide a negative PCR test, valid for 48 hours after leaving the country of departure,
  2. register through the pre-travel registration system at www by uploading documents such as vaccination certificate, antibody test result (for those vaccinated with Sputnik V) or COVID-19 survivor certificate and post-illness antibody test (for recovered patients).
  3. < li>despite the fact that downloading the PCR test is not mandatory during electronic registration, all tourists must provide the results of the PCR test to the airline representatives when boarding the aircraft,

  4. tourists also need to download and install the Ehteraz application on their phone ( in the Appstore or Google Play) by activating it upon arrival using an international or local SIM card.

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