Another country popular with Russians has suspended the service of the MIR card

Another country popular with Russians has suspended servicing the MIR card

A country that has earned popularity among Russian tourists primarily as a destination for “card” tours, i.e. for Visa and Mastercard cards, suspended work with the Russian payment system. According to Kommersant, the Uzbek unified banking processing center Uzcard reported that the service of the Mir card was temporarily suspended “due to technical reasons” from September 23.

At the same time, on September 21, the center announced that everything is working normally. And at the moment, the date for the resumption of card service is not given.

“The single nationwide processing center notifies that due to the necessary technical procedures on the side of the Uzcard payment system participant, from 9:00 on September 23, 2022, it suspends card service “Mir” in the infrastructure of the Uzcard PS and the operation of co-badged Uzcard cards – ''Mir'' abroad,” Kommersant quotes. In Uzbekistan itself, Uzcard-Mir co-badged cards operate as usual.

Let us recall that Uzbekistan is in first place in terms of the volume of “card” tours, which is why it has gained popularity in the current “sanction” times. Read the details at this link. In addition, tourists appreciated the cheapness of the country – for example, one tourist said that for lunches, dinners, trips to the market and souvenirs on a ten-day tour to Uzbekistan, a tourist cost 13 thousand Russian rubles, exchanged upon arrival. Read the volume of “average spending” in Uzbekistan in this article “TURPROM”.

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