Another European country changes covid restrictions for foreign tourists

Another European country is changing covid restrictions for foreign tourists

Another European state has decided to rid tourists of covid tests and certificates. We are talking about one of the mini-states of Europe: the Luxembourg authorities announced that today – from October 1, the country decided to lift entry restrictions due to coronavirus for all travelers from third countries, including Russia, regardless of their “covid” status.< /p>

“From 1 October 2022, third-country nationals residing outside the European Union or the Schengen area can again enter the Grand Duchy for any kind of travel, including non-essential travel (i.e. for tourism or other reasons), regardless of their vaccination status,” the country’s authorities said in a statement. That is, as soon as the new decision comes into force, all travelers from third countries will no longer be required to present a certificate of vaccination, recovery or tests upon arrival in Luxembourg.

A visa will still be required for tourists – about they were reminded of this separately. All interested persons must have a valid passport and a short stay visa. The statement also emphasizes that tourists are allowed to stay in Luxembourg for a period not exceeding 90 days.

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