Another way to transfer money from Russia to Turkey has appeared

There is another way to transfer money from Russia to Turkey

“This is very good news for those who are here permanently or often!”, the domestic traveler of Russians delighted those who need to transfer money from Russia to Turkey. We are talking about the launch by Gazprombank of transfers in lira to Turkish cards. The blogger wrote about this in his channel on Yandex.Zen.

“Now this can be done in several other ways, but one more alternative will not be superfluous. Especially considering how quickly everything is changing – over the past year we have seen many times how familiar tools collapse in just three days. Here was the Mir card, and then once – and that's it, bye-bye. Look for the citizens of other options. As they say, get out as you wish, ”explained a compatriot who has been traveling around Turkey for several months.

The bank claims that there will be no restrictions on the minimum amount. Now you don't have to worry about the minimum possible amount transfers, i.e. conditions like “from 20,000 rubles”, for example, should not be now. The commission for using this tool is 1.5%, which is a very profitable offer, the blogger is sure. The new solution announced by the bank will be useful not only for tourists and migrants who transfer small amounts for their needs in Turkey, but also for entrepreneurs.

The traveler said that before the sanctions he used a Mir bank card from Tinkoff, and currently transfers money via IBAN to a Turkish card through the Ozone virtual card. “This method seems to be the easiest. But we will also keep the option with Gazprombank in mind just in case, ”the Russian concluded.

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