Antalya reported from which countries an unprecedented increase in the number of tourists is expected

Antalya reported from which countries an unprecedented increase in the number of tourists is expected

Russia holds the lead in the number of tourists supplied to Turkey, however, in the coming summer season, a large-scale increase in Russia in Antalya is not waiting. An unprecedented increase in the number of tourists is expected among the countries, according to the Antalya authorities, the United Kingdom and Germany, as well as Poland are named.

According to Kaan Kavaloglu, President of the Mediterranean Association of Tourist Hoteliers and Operators (AKTOB), despite the “negative atmosphere” between the two main markets, i.e. Russia and Ukraine, 2022 “became one of the best examples of the sustainable growth of Turkish tourism.” “Travel spending per capita has increased to $89. The data obtained indicates that growth will continue, except for some markets, as we predicted. In April and May, there is a decrease in the number of tourists, but we expect demand to increase in the future, especially in European markets,” he said.

The expert also added that Russia, according to February-March data, shows an increase of 146%, but Turkey does not expect the same increase throughout the year, stating that the Turks plan to “define our position on Russian tourism in accordance with the course of international relations.” But they are unconditionally optimistic about “our two main source markets”, Germany and the UK, which showed a growth of 50% in the same months. “Both markets exceeded the indicators for 2019. The UK has significantly increased its market share in recent years. We expect the change in demand for all inclusive, especially from British families, to continue under inflation pressure,” said Mr Cavaloglu. Among the “high-potential side markets” the expert named Poland, which showed an increase of 76%. He stated that he considers Poland “an important country in terms of population and size of the economy”, as well as a market “which needs to be developed as a priority.”

At the same time, according to official data provided by the Antalya government, the number of tourists in the resort in March increased by 54% and reached 347 thousand people. In just the past three months, the resort was visited by 797 thousand people, which is 55% more than in the same period in 2022. At the same time, Russian tourists are in the lead – 213 thousand people arrived. Russia is followed by Germany, which supplied 169 thousand tourists and the UK – about 89 thousand. Poland, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan and the Netherlands are also named among the suppliers of tourists.

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