At a popular resort, three tourists were attacked by an American with a stick

Three tourists were attacked by an American with a stick at a popular resort

An inadequate American armed with a stick attacked three travelers on the popular resort island of Koh Chang in Thailand. He was detained by the police.

The incident occurred in the eastern province of Trat last Wednesday, The Thaiger reported. 60-year-old American tourist Michael Doherty lost control of his vehicle at some point, lost his temper and suddenly attacked three unfamiliar motorcyclists when they passed him on the road near Mount Lucton. Eyewitnesses of the aggression were both Thais and foreigners who were nearby, but fear prevented them from intervening in the situation: according to witnesses, the attacker seemed to have gone crazy. Instead, they notified the police about the incident.

When law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, they found three beaten foreigners. Fortunately, the injuries were non-critical. The aggressor was still holding his wooden stick and seemed to be preparing for the next blow. He even tried to attack the cops before eventually turning himself in to the police. How events unfolded further with the victims and what became of the American is unknown, however, one of the Thais said that the man had already committed a similar attack in the area before and believes that his violence is the result of stress.

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