Attack in hotels on Russian tourists: Russians were told how to protect themselves from aggressive neighbors

Russian tourists attacked in hotels: Russians told how to protect themselves from aggressive neighbors

Where should Russian tourists turn in case of a conflict on ethnic grounds during their holidays abroad and how to protect themselves from aggressive hotel neighbors? The answer to this question was given in an interview with Izvestia by lawyer Alexei Gavrishev, commenting on recent material about scandals with attacks by Poles on Russian tourists. True, the expert immediately noted: there is no need to count on compensation from the tour operator.

Among those to whom a tourist should turn for help, he named the police, the consulate and the hotel guide, depending on the severity of the situation. “In conflict situations, Russians on vacation are advised to contact the local police, but a language barrier may arise. Therefore, it is better to get an interpreter to avoid misunderstandings. It is better if there are witnesses or any photo and video evidence, because it may happen that the local police do not want to figure out who is to blame and what is the reason. If the tourist understands that the police are reluctant to investigate, then you should seek help from the consulate,” the lawyer explained.

As for the hotel guide and the representative of the tour operator, you can also contact them for help. True, most likely the tourist will not receive compensation, Mr. Gavrishev added. “A serious problem is that if human rights were violated by another tourist due to inciting a national conflict, then in such cases it is difficult to count on compensation, since tour operators usually do not provide compensation for such cases in the contract,” the expert explained.

Recall that the public was agitated by an article by a Polish expert about the “beach hussars” from Poland, which staged a war against Russian tourists in the resorts of Turkey and Egypt, which was widely distributed in the Russian press. The “brave beach hussars” at best “heroically” refuse to play beach volleyball with the Russians, or even start fights in bars. And it is not a fact that they will obey the reasonable call of their compatriot “not to take politics with you on vacation.” Read the details at this link.

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