Ausweiss for the elite: in the most popular country in the world, tourists will need special permits to visit the beaches

Ausweiss for the elite: in the most popular country in the world, tourists will need special permits to visit the beaches

The return of tourists' vacation in Europe to the “pre-Covid” scale again makes the issue of combating “overtourism”, i.e. with an excess number of tourists in many popular places. So, in the south of France (and France has long become the most popular country for tourists from all over the world), it is already necessary to enter the entrance with special permits to visit the most popular beaches – this is how the local authorities will try to cope with the incredible number of visitors. In fact, Ausweiss is being introduced for tourists, and not everyone will be lucky to get it, but only a select few, because the number of Ausweisses will be limited.

We are really talking about protected natural areas – the Calanques National Park, which is an area of ​​steep bays and bays near Marseille. Its secluded coves are popular with tourists. As a result, local authorities imposed restrictions on peak dates. So, on June 26, July 3, and further from July 10 to August 21 this year, tourists will have to show a booking confirmation in order to visit one of the most famous places in the park, Sugiton Bay. During the summer months, the number of people visiting the bay skyrockets, with tourists flocking from all directions to see its crystal clear waters.

As a result, local authorities are trying to limit the impact that thousands of tourists have on the environment of the park. And from 2022 they introduce tickets to the bay. Tourists will be offered to book a visit three days in advance through the online booking system. Moreover, only 400 passes per day will be offered. Moreover, restrictions will also be introduced on the number of visits, one person will be allowed to book only eight times during the summer season. Moreover, a private security company will catch free riders.

At the end of the summer, the park authorities will evaluate the results of the experiment before deciding whether to expand it to other areas of the park next year. The local authorities added that other measures had previously been taken to limit the number of visitors, including warning signs about the number of visitors, about inaccessibility and about cold water. However, this did not work.

At the same time, as the park authorities add, the bay is already in a difficult state – due to excessive attendance, soil erosion has increased, which threatens both “the landscapes that we love so much and biodiversity” , and the tourists themselves – with uncontrolled “grazing” of tourists, the risk of slope collapse is likely.

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