Authorities open call center for Russian and Ukrainian tourists in distress in Thailand

The authorities opened a call center for Russian and Ukrainian tourists in distress in Thailand

Thousands of Russian and Ukrainian tourists are still in Thai resorts waiting for help and barely making ends meet. As part of the humanitarian mission, the Thai authorities have already taken several steps to improve the conditions of travelers due to their forced stay in the country – they helped with housing and food. Now, a call center has been opened for tourists in distress from both countries who were unable to return home due to flight cancellations and economic sanctions from Wednesday, local media reported, citing the decision of the Phuket authorities.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has announced the phone numbers of its call centers: 093-937-2086 and 094-819-1124. It is specified that the hotline will work from 8:30 am to 19:00 pm until March 22. Those who need help are urged to call the indicated numbers.

Domino effect

Flight cancellations and sanctions imposed on Russia have already seriously affected the flow of tourists to the country's main resort island, Phuket. Aeroflot, S7 and Ural Airlines are now unable to operate direct flights to the Thai resort, although before the imposition of sanctions and the closure of the sky, this trio carried about half of Russian tourists to Phuket. As a reminder, since Tuesday, Aeroflot canceled all flights, except for Belarusian ones, and on Saturday canceled flights abroad S7.

After the suspension of air traffic from Russia, Thai tourism has sharply shallowed. Tourists who used to fly these airlines now have to fly to Phuket via inconvenient routes through Middle Eastern cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Istanbul. Such a route takes a lot of time and requires more money.

The President of the Phuket Tourism Association, Bhummikitti Raktaengam, said that 500-600 tourists from Russia arrived every day before the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, now their number has significantly decreased. With the entry into force of new economic sanctions, the impact on the influx of tourists will be even greater.
The number of tourists from Europe will also decrease as their purchasing power decreases due to higher fuel prices.

And, importantly, the economic sanctions imposed by Europe on Russia will eventually backfire, he assured. As a result, even fewer tourists from Europe will come to Phuket than one might expect.

Searching for an alternative tourist supplier

Now tourism in Thailand, like Egypt, which has come to terms with the absence of Russian-Ukrainian tourists, is in search of an alternative tourist flow. So, as a replacement for the market from Russia and Europe, Thai officials will switch to tourists from India. Thus, on March 19, Thai Smiles will open direct flights from Mumbai (India) to Phuket. New Delhi will also increase the number of flights. According to the official, the Thai authorities are looking at Australia and the Middle East, where Saudi Arabia is the main target, as other potential replacements.

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