Avoid these drinks at all costs: the flight attendant said that it is dangerous to drink and eat on the plane

Avoid these drinks at all costs: the flight attendant said it's dangerous to drink and eat on the plane

During an air travel Tourists should never order hot drinks or eat “airplane” food. Why this should be avoided, shared a flight attendant who has worked for one of the US airlines for many years.

According to the flight attendant, hot drinks, such as tea/coffee, on board an airliner are creepy for staff and experienced passengers because of the quality of the water. “Don't drink coffee on planes. This is the same drinking water that passes through the bathroom,” she warned. The flight attendant said that they once had a “test for E. coli in the water”, as a result, it turned out that the water was contaminated. “Done maintenance, pressed a couple of buttons and that’s it, so I would avoid hot water or tea on the plane. With bottled drinks, of course, everything is much better, ”she added.

But what if the passenger wants a hot drink? The flight attendant's advice is to bring your own tea or coffee on board, which can be purchased after going through security at the airport.

What about nutrition? According to the flight attendant, food on the plane is “extremely unhealthy.” Here is how she explained her position: “Typically, food is prepared more than 12 hours before takeoff and can be” stuffed “with many preservatives.” And this is the main reason why the crew prefers to “get” their own food, rather than eat what the menu suggests.

A crew member recommended taking sandwiches or other snacks with you when going on vacation this summer. “Usually I take my own food with me: light sandwiches or pasta with salad,” she said.

However, it is important not only what to eat and drink, but also the place where tourists eat. The flight attendant advised passengers “not to eat directly from the tray table.” “People are changing diapers to their babies!” she said without further comment.

With the advent of the era of coronavirus, all aircraft began to undergo more thorough disinfection, but do not neglect your own disinfectants. You can take alcohol wipes or hand gel and regular paper handkerchiefs with you to treat the seat, table and armrest when boarding.

Another flight attendant shared on the Quora Q&A platform how to choose the best seat when going on vacation . According to her, passengers should understand the layout of the aircraft, which will allow them to choose seats during check-in. “The front seats are usually used by passengers with small children and can be noisy. Places near toilets can be not only noisy, but also smelly.” The best seats are “closer to the kitchen” where the flight attendant can give you maximum attention,” she shared.

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