Ban Russian and Ukrainian tourists from obtaining visas upon arrival in the country: the head of the popular island led the repression

Forbid Russian and Ukrainian tourists to obtain visas upon arrival in the country: the head of the popular island led the repression< /p>“Whenever we receive reports of bad behavior by a foreigner, it is almost always Russian,” Indonesian law enforcement officials complained. According to, the island's authorities, and in particular the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster, continue to insist on their request to the Indonesian government to ban Russian and Ukrainian tourists from obtaining a visa upon arrival in the country. He stated that Russian and Ukrainian “long-term” tourists who fled to the island from mobilization and hostilities are in Bali not for recreation, but to look for work, which is already a violation of the rights of local residents.

“There are many visa violations on their part, for example, tourists who get a job, economic crimes, overdue stays,” he said. And in general, as the head of Bali noted, “foreigners behave as if they are above the law.” “And this must finally stop,” he added.

First of all, the fight will be against illegally working tourists. A special task force, consisting of local officials and the immigration service, has been set up to monitor the actions of foreigners. “Non-citizens are not allowed to work and that opening a business or finding employment illegally has a negative impact on local entrepreneurs,” said Made Ariandi, Chairman of the Bali Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He noted that many come to Bali for tourism purposes, but in the end, some end up opening businesses illegally.

The situation became visible after the pandemic, and in the last year has escalated, not least due to easily accessible visas on arrival. “Foreigners live very cheaply in Indonesia. And we are afraid that foreigners who travel here feel like living here. They are trying to make money here, open a business, all this is illegal,” he said.

The introduction of a long-term visa by Indonesia in December 2022 also led to problems, according to officials. The “second home” visa is granted to foreigners and their family members who wish to live permanently in Indonesia for five or 10 years. It was designed to attract wealthy foreigners, who, in order to receive it, had only to show evidence of the availability of funds for living, and also place 2 billion rupees (about 11 million rubles) in an Indonesian state bank. Also, a visa was given for the ownership of real estate of a similar value, and foreigners cannot own land in Indonesia, they can rent land and own it. At the same time, renting out real estate and earning income is already illegal.

And in general, it is also impossible to earn money in Indonesia with such a visa. In fact, the money in the account, according to an Indonesian official, is needed so that tourists “can stay for two to three years” without trying to do business – and these visas were intended to attract wealthy tourists who can afford to live in Indonesia and contribute to the economy by spending money, not by working. “Obtaining such a visa does not mean that if a tourist has spent all his millions of rupees, he can become motorcycle taxi drivers, gymnastics and yoga teachers, diving coaches and anyone else,” the Chamber of Commerce said. Tourists were reminded that Indonesia has a strict work visa policy that foreign nationals must follow, as any violations of work rules will be detrimental to local residents in Bali. And for these violations, “if necessary, any deportations will be carried out.”

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