Be careful: a Turkish professor named popular tourist destinations where a new earthquake is expected, and this is not only Turkey

Be careful: the Turkish professor named places popular with tourists where new earthquake, and it's not only Turkey

A new forecast in discussions about possible earthquakes in Turkey was voiced by Turkish professor Nasi Göryur. According to the Turkish edition of Ogretmenlericin, the expert named 11 provinces in total, where the impact of the elements is most likely. Alas, tourists can only be warned – be careful, since almost all popular provinces are on this list.

First of all, the professor called Istanbul a “risk zone”. At the same time, here he expects an earthquake with the same catastrophic power as those that occurred in early February in southern Turkey. According to him, the magnitude of the earthquake that can occur in Istanbul is at least 7.2 and maximum 7.6, which is catastrophic.

He also noted that all the affected provinces, such as Balıkesir, Hatay and neighboring Adana, may again be under attack. By the way, at the same time, it is this accumulated zone of underground stress that threatens Cyprus, too, the professor added. He recalled that after a major earthquake in February, Hatay had already been “shocked” for the second time with a force of 6.4 points. “Now we can expect an earthquake in Cyprus. We do not say that it will certainly happen in the near future, but it may be,” the Turkish expert said. He also listed several other Turkish provinces, in particular in eastern Anatolia, where there is a risk of strong tremors.

But for Russian tourists, of course, another warning is more important now. Tourist provinces of Turkey – first of all, Izmir, as well as Mugla and Antalya are also included in the list of provinces where there are “suspicions” about possible tremors. Moreover, the specialist clarified that in the latter case, in the “doubtful” zone, there is a “coast between Mugla and Antalya”, that is, a popular resort area.

In the meantime, let us recall “the fear that an “earthquake will happen” even without the earthquake itself, in particular, the “mega-earthquake”, which the Dutch expert planned for March 8, “has already undermined the tourism sector,” as Turkish media write. According to the forecasts of representatives of the tourism sector, the number of tourists expected to arrive in Istanbul in 2023 may decrease to 8 million. According to Ramazan Bingöl, president of the Association of Restaurants and Tourism (TÜRES), immediately after the earthquake on February 6, restaurant occupancy alone decreased by 50-70%. “Forecasts that an earthquake will inevitably occur in Istanbul are largely to blame for this. There have been major cancellations of bookings due to the panic they created,” the expert said. According to him, in February, hotel reservations were canceled by 30-40% of tourists. “If this continues, tourism revenues will seriously decline in March, April and May,” he added. Read more at this link.

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