Bedbugs, fungus and warts: the doctor told how tourists in hotels do not pick up all sorts of rubbish

Bug, fungus and warts: the doctor told how tourists in hotels do not pick up any rubbish

The therapist told tourists about the risks of picking up all sorts of rubbish in hotels, and how not to bring unpleasant “surprises” home, on the pages of the Vechernyaya Moskva publication. According to her, due to poor-quality cleaning, bedbugs can “attack” tourists in hotel rooms, and they can pick up fungus and warts. Moreover, tourists risk not only getting sick, but also bringing “fauna” and other rubbish home with them. Therefore, we must act decisively.


  • Bedbugs: as stated by the therapist Nadezhda Chernysheva, these animals do not bring diseases dangerous to humans. However, meeting with them is extremely unpleasant for a person – their bites can cause an allergic reaction, the bugs themselves stink, and most importantly, they are quite capable of “settlement” in the traveler's luggage and go home with him. “If you find uninvited guests in your room, immediately take out your things from there and ask the staff to relocate you to a room without bedbugs,” the doctor gives such advice. Just in case, she recommends keeping clothes in special bags with zippers.
  • Fungus: The best “friends” of nail fungus – an extremely unpleasant and very sticky infection – are poor cleaning, limescale and constant moisture. That in the bathrooms of hotels of the “middle hand” is more common than we would like. “If a person with nail fungus lived in the room before you, and the maid did not disinfect the corners and floors well enough, and you still managed to walk barefoot, then you are guaranteed an insidious sore,” the doctor warned. According to her, disputes can remain in the bathroom, which will not be difficult to move to another tourist. So the first advice is not to walk around the room barefoot, including in the shower, it is better to use special rubber shoes. In addition, when traveling, be sure to treat the smallest wounds with disinfectants.
  • Warts and other skin “surprises”: “They can appear anywhere on the skin. Warts are considered benign skin growths and are caused by the human papillomavirus. The virus can be “picked up” including in hotels. And infection can only be eliminated by observing sanitary standards and disinfecting the premises, the expert added.

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