Biblio-Globus has opened the sale of tours in a new direction

Biblio-Globus opened the sale of tours in a new direction

The sale of tours in a new direction was opened by the tour operator “Biblio Globus”. On its website, the tour operator announced excursion programs to Iran along with direct flights to this country.

The details are as follows – the announced programs will start in March. The first flights of the declared programs “Fabulous Iran” are announced for March 11. The programs will be carried out on Aeroflot flights, it is also possible to sell tours without a flight.

Programs are designed for 4 and 7 days, the route includes all the main attractions of the country. Tourists will be taken to the cities of Shiraz, Persopolis and Yazd, where they will be shown exotic oriental cities, mosques and bazaars, archaeological complexes of ancient times and temples of fire worshipers.

As for prices, the starting price of the program, on March 11 for two adults with a flight starts from 189 thousand rubles.

OUR REFERENCE: Iran remains an exotic route for Russian tourists. The country is really “atypical” and not at all “beachy”, despite the presence of the sea. First of all, it is known among tourists for excursion routes to ancient cities “from the Thousand and One Nights”.

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