Biblio-Globus opened 2 new foreign destinations at once, setting prices and publishing flight schedules

Biblio-Globus opened 2 new foreign destinations at once, setting prices and publishing flight schedules

Immediately 2 new foreign destinations – we are talking about flights to Oman, as well as through Oman to Tanzania – to the island of Zanzibar, the Biblio Globus tour operator offered tourists. The sale of tours to Oman is open from December 30, that is, tourists have a chance to celebrate the New Year in this beach country of the Pesidic Gulf. And flights to Tanzania open from January 4th. Flights are carried out on the wings of Oman's national air carrier Oman Air.

According to the carrier's schedule, Oman Air departs from Moscow at 0:20, and arrives in Muscat at 7:00. Up to five flights fly to Tanzania from Oman daily.

Prices for tours to Oman start from 157 thousand rubles. – and we are talking about the “New Year” departure on December 30 – for a 3 * hotel for an 8-day tour. Prices for tours to Tanzania with a connection in Muscat – from 262 thousand rubles

Our reference: holidays in Tanzania on Zanzibar are well known to some of our tourists, since this country was one of the first to be opened for our tourists during the pandemic. In addition to the beaches of this island, excursions to the mainland of Tanzania for the purpose of safari in the exotic nature of Africa are also popular with tourists. Oman – a state in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula – is also famous for its beaches, it is also considered more “refined and authentic” than, say, the Emirates more familiar to our tourists – there are more ancient traditions and sights, original and rich nature – where there is a place and oases with palm trees, and majestic mountains. As well as luxury hotels and many other entertainments.

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