Billboards have been installed along the roads of the popular resort, warning Russian tourists about deportation.

Billboards were installed along the roads of the popular resort warning Russian tourists about deportation

The authorities of the popular island of Bali in Indonesia, who are tired of fighting violating tourists from Russia, installed special billboards in Russian and English along the roads, warning our fellow citizens about possible deportation.

According to the Indonesian publication Kompas, the local branch of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights publicly threatened vacationers from Russia with consequences for illegal work, including deportation from the famous resort. “We welcome all foreign tourists to Bali. As a traveler, you are not prohibited from accepting any job in Indonesia. Any foreign citizen who shows disrespect or violates applicable law is subject to deportation and a ban on entry,” the warning message said in Russian. Special billboards have already been installed on Sunset Road in Kuta, Bali.

Suhendra Tresnadita, head of the communications department at the Immigration Bureau at Denpasar Putu Airport, especially noted that the use of two languages ​​on the billboards – Russian and English – is due to the fact that a large number of Russian tourists are concentrated in Bali. Recall that a small paradise island has turned into a “little Moscow” – a community with its own rules and the provision of services, from hairdressing to massage. This is not liked by the locals, who now and then face disrespect for culture on the part of the “come in large numbers”, as well as the desire of the latter to earn money on foreign land without official permission. In connection with a wave of complaints, the authorities began to actively monitor the activities of tourists in Bali, launched a wave of deportations against violators and tightened the rules for those arriving in the country.

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