Black Sea cruises from Russia to Turkey expand: Blue Sapphire is added to Astoria Grande

Black Sea cruises from Russia to Turkey expand: Blue Sapphire is added to Astoria Grande

Opportunities for cruises for Russian tourists are expanding – not only Anex Tour, but also the Intourist tour operator began selling the Blue Sapphire liner with a route from Turkey to the Greek islands. According to the Turkish side, the Blue Sapphire route has two tour options: Bodrum – Santorini – Mykonos Rhodes – Bodrum for 4 nights and Bodrum for 3 nights, Kos – Santorini – Mykonos – Bodrum.

The tours offered by Intourist, as the Turks add, include a 4- and 5-star vacation in a hotel on the sea in the regions of Dalaman and Bodrum, and then a 3-4-day cruise tour. During the tour there is an opportunity to visit the Greek islands of Kos, Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes.

Passengers are offered several accommodation options. For example, a tour that includes 3 nights in a hotel, 4 nights of a cruise, and then another 3 nights in a hotel.

Recall that Black Sea cruises connecting Russia and Turkey were previously launched. From mid-July to October next year, the Astoria Grande cruise ship will carry Russians from the Black Sea port of Sochi to Istanbul.

According to the head of the Sochi commercial port, Yuri Vladimirov, two-week international cruises will begin on July 16. The cruise ship Astoria Grande will arrive in the famous city center of Istanbul with stops at the ports of Sinop and Trabzon.

According to Turkish media, the ship will remain at its final destination for several days, then head to the Aegean Sea and, after visiting the port of the resort town of Cesme, will return to Sochi. Read more at this link.

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