Broken glass and screams of horror: the passengers of the aircraft of the largest EU airline, which was struck by lightning, ended up in the hospital, many were bleeding

Broken glass and screams of horror: passengers of the largest airline of the EU, which was struck by lightning, were hospitalized, many were bleeding

At least seven people were hospitalized after an emergency landing of a Lufthansa Airlines flight from Austin (USA, Texas) to Frankfurt. The cause was lightning that struck the plane. According to eyewitnesses, the plane “fell sharply”, while the “fasten seat belts” sign was not lit, and the tourists just got food. “Passengers were surrounded by a sea of ​​broken glass and screamed in horror,” eyewitnesses write. As a result, there were many injuries, some tourists had to be taken to hospitals in wheelchairs due to their injuries. Tourists demand compensation.

The details given by the Daily Mail are as follows: the flight was supposed to last 10.5 hours, but the incident occurred in the third hour of the flight, when the liner was over the territory of the United States. The plane was struck by lightning and it abruptly “fell” about 300 meters down. At the same time, the “fasten your seat belts” sign was not included, apparently the tourists simply did not have time to warn.

As a result, in the cabin, where the food had just been delivered, real hell reigned. “People were hurt mainly because it was a surprise,” writes a tourist who sent terrible photos after landing – trays, food containers, as well as metal cutlery and broken glass are scattered all over the liner’s aisle. At the moment of the “fall”, all this flew up from the tables into the air – and in such a way that it “damaged the ceiling of the cabin,” as one of the tourists writes. “It was incredibly scary, everything turned into a lot of broken glass, screaming and multiple injuries,” complains another commentator who had a sister and husband on the plane. He also said that the tourist sitting in front of them had to be taken out in a wheelchair – as he “was badly injured and bleeding.”

The liner eventually landed at Washington Dulles International Airport around 9 pm, in total three hours after the start of the flight. Seven injured passengers were taken to the hospital, the rest were placed in hotels, but it is clear that the problems have not been exhausted. The airline was forced to offer passengers a link to request a refund after an irate passenger wrote on social media: “Many of our plans were ruined, our clothes were ruined and we definitely expect a lot more than just a hotel tonight. We would like to receive immediate assistance and compensation for the catastrophic forced landing involving LH469,” the tourist said. However, other passengers still did not forget to thank the pilots, thanks to whom a real disaster and a real crash of the liner were still avoided.

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