Business tourism to Germany from Russia has flourished: 600 work visas for Russians have already been issued in three weeks

Business tourism has flourished from the Russian Federation to Germany: 600 work visas for Russians have already been issued in three weeks

Hundreds of specialists, most of whom were employed in certain areas in German companies in Russia, said they would like to work in Germany. Such conclusions were made by experts based on the report of the German TV channel ZDF.

In connection with the rapid development of the business tourist flow from Russian cities, the German government is trying to speed up the process of issuing work visas to our compatriots. Recall that earlier the German press published a warning that immigrants from Russia could pose a danger to German industry, since in fact they could play a double game and pass information to the Russian authorities. In other words, conduct industrial espionage.

The German leadership recently announced that more than 600 Schengen visas were issued to qualified employees from Russia as part of business tourism from the beginning of the Russian special operation in Ukraine until early May. On February 24, hundreds of specialists from Russia decided to move to Germany. Based on the data of the report, first of all, employees of German companies who are faced with an uncertain professional future due to tough sanctions imposed on Russia are the ones who decide to take such a step.

“In April, about 350 work visas were issued to Russian citizens in Moscow,” the Foreign Ministry said in this regard. In addition, in St. Petersburg, the German Consulate General issued a total of 190 work visas during the same period.

Recently, the government of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has simplified the visa application process by excluding Russian citizens with specialized experience in specific areas such as IT and technology. German officials said the “global approval for access to the labor market”, which is valid only for Russian citizens employed in a certain field in German companies and earning more than 43,992 euros per year (2.88 million rubles per year or 240 thousand rubles per month ), will be valid until September 30.

The German Federal Employment Agency has launched a general “pre-approval” for Russian employees of foreign companies in Russia who apply for a German work visa to work in German organizations. Earlier, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution said that Russians who are going to move to Germany, and those who have already settled in the country as part of business tourism, risk being blackmailed or pressured to collect information useful to the Russian economy. However, this attack remained unproven.

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