Calculated how much a good average holiday for Russians costs in Turkey

Calculated how much a good average holiday for Russians costs in Turkey

Real prices for a “good average holiday” in Turkey have been calculated by ATOR experts. After analyzing the proposals of tour operators, they gave a numerical answer to the question of what costs an average family with children should pay for to rest in Turkey in a decent “five”. The amount will be from 200-240 thousand rubles for two, but there are nuances by region.

“Tourists need to keep in mind at least the approximate amounts that they can count on when choosing an average-priced quality holiday in Turkey in the summer of 2022,” the experts stated their point of view. At the same time, they noted that we are not talking about “luxury” hotels, which are much more expensive. As a benchmark, the experts chose three Turkish five-star hotels in the resorts of Antalya of various Turkish hotel chains, not “budget” or “deluxe”, but “solid”, high-quality 5 * hotels popular with Russian tourists. Main indicators: “all inclusive”, hotels on the first line, with a large territory and developed infrastructure (complexes of water slides and water parks on site, children's clubs, active animation), vacation for 9-12 nights.

As a result, after analyzing prices from large tour operators, lasting 10 nights, departures – June 30 or July 1, the following figures were obtained. Tours were calculated for two, for a family of three (2 adults + 1 child 9 years old) and for a family of 4 people (2 adults + 2 children 9 and 5 years old).

  • Tours with departure from Moscow – 200-230 thousand rubles. for two; 250-275 thousand rubles for a family of three, and 315-320 thousand rubles. – from four people.
  • With a flight from Sochi: from 200-240 thousand rubles. for two up to 270-350 thousand rubles for four people.
  • With a departure from Yekaterinburg – here prices begin to rise – for two from 220-290 thousand rubles, for a family of 4 people – 375-395 thousand rubles
  • < li> From Novosibirsk the price tag is as follows – from 245-271 thousand rubles. for two up to 410-430 thousand rubles per family.

  • From St. Petersburg is also not cheap: 240-300 thousand rubles. for two and 415-465 thousand rubles for a family with two children.

“On average, for a good ten-day vacation in a quality “five” on “all inclusive” in Turkey, you will need an amount of 100-120 thousand rubles. per person (depending on the region of departure). The cheapest average quality vacation in Turkey is with a flight from Sochi. At the same time, flights from Moscow are not much more expensive (second place, but the difference is insignificant). In St. Petersburg, the affordability of prices for tours to high-quality Turkish “fives” is not very good – it is in the last position in the rating,” ATOR summed up. At the same time, experts noted that demand, despite the price level, does not suffer – many tour operators, especially in the regions, have no places for the next flights, the next free dates are July 16-18.

Tourists were also informed that, if desired, rest can be found cheaper. “Treshki” from Moscow can be purchased from 100 thousand rubles. for two – however, as experts add, with some luck. However, there are also “five-level economy”, where you can get for an amount from 120 to 130 thousand rubles for two, i.e. about half cheaper than the prices of the reviewed hotels – the favorites of demand.

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