Cancellations from the Federal Air Transport Agency: UAE and Turkey are a priority

Annulments from the Federal Air Transport Agency: the UAE and Turkey are a priority

The Federal Air Transport Agency updated the rules for permits for flights abroad and began to “transfer” them from one air carrier to another, canceling them from some airlines and giving free slots to others . At the same time, we are talking about the most popular destinations – such as Turkey and the UAE.

The essence of the change is that, under the new rules adopted at the end of March, air carriers are given a temporary admission for 3 months with the possibility of extension – or cancellation if the carrier has not mastered the direction. It is also possible to transfer permission for international flights from one carrier to another. Moreover, the advantage in transferring is with those airlines that have the ability to operate flights without the risk of arrest or delay of the aircraft by the lessor abroad.

It is precisely this “castling” that the main part of the fresh order is devoted to. Here are the details on “transmitting” the frequencies.

In the UAE:

  • Red Wings has been stripped of temporary access to flights from Moscow to Sharjah and Dubai for 3 flights a week – it will be replaced on this route by Aeroflot and Nordwind, on flights to Sharjah from Zhukovsky and Yekaterinburg, the carrier will be replaced by Ural Airlines, and to Sharjah from Utair will fly instead of Makhachkala.
  • Azimut received permission to fly to Dubai from Sochi and Makhachkala 7 r/n. On this route, the carrier should replace AZUR air and Ural Airlines. However, Azimut was denied the transfer of permits to Dubai from the airports of Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar – currently closed.
  • Also, the “tour operator” AZUR air received permits for three new routes in the UAE. The carrier will be able to fly in the summer season 2022 to Dubai from Moscow, St. a week from Moscow to Istanbul and 3 flights a week to Antalya. Utair and Nordwind licenses have been canceled on these routes.
  • The “daughter” of the national carrier Russia received permission to fly from the Sochi hub to Turkey, namely, to increase the frequency of flights to Antalya from Sochi to 21 flights per week, and to Istanbul to 28 flights per week. A temporary permit was issued for 3 months, i.е. for the entire summer season.
  • Nordwind has received permission to fly to Istanbul from St. Petersburg 7 times a week, as well as to Izmir, Dalaman and Bodrum from Moscow. At the same time, the frequency tolerances of Pobeda and Royal Flight were cancelled.
  • Azimut received permission to fly to Antalya from Mineralnye Vody,
  • AZUR air – to Antalya from Chelyabinsk.
  • Utair – for flights to the Turkish resort from Grozny.

There are also castlings on other routes:

  • Aeroflot and Ural Airlines ”transferred permits to Utair for 7 flights a week to Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Aeroflot transferred to Russia permits for the Voronezh-Yerevan route.
  • Admission for flights on the Moscow-Ganja route (Azerbaijan) “got” IrAero from Ural Airlines. The carrier will be able to fly on the route for 3 months with a frequency of 2 flights per week.

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