Changed the rules for obtaining a visa to Croatia

The rules for obtaining a visa to Croatia have been changed

For Russian tourists, the rules for obtaining a visa to Croatia have been changed. As stated in the press service of the visa center of the country VFS Global, we are talking, firstly, about the timing of the application – those who expect to get to this Balkan country in the upcoming summer season should already be “at a low start”. Secondly, the visa center explained the situation with insurance – so far there are no insurmountable obstacles for Russian tourists, but some aspects need to be paid attention to.

“We inform you that the submission of applications is carried out at least 45 days before the expected start date of the trip. Documents with an earlier date of departure cannot be accepted for consideration, ”the visa center informs first of all. So tourists planning a trip to Croatia should take care of submitting documents in the spring.

Also, the visa center warned tourists that the Consulate of Croatia accepts for consideration the insurance policies of those Russian insurance companies that cooperate with European insurance companies. Among them, for example, Tinkoff and Alfa Insurance (part of the Allianz group). “Please clarify this fact when applying for an insurance policy,” the visa center said.

Recall that on January 1, 2023, Croatia became a member of the Schengen area and automatically canceled internal borders with the other 26 Schengen countries, changed and entry rules for tourists, including Russians. The rules are generally the usual Schengen ones: for a visa to Croatia, biometric data is required, starting at the age of 12. However, if during the last 59 months the applicant has already submitted biometric data for a Schengen visa, then you do not need to go through this procedure again, the VFS explains. The cost of a short-term visa C for a trip with private purposes, including tourism, as well as treatment and ownership of real estate, is, like for all Schengen visas, 80 euros. Also, the tourist will have to pay a service fee of 27.5 euros, and a logistics fee of 6.5 euros. Read more here.

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