China gave the go-ahead: the date of the official opening of the Celestial Empire for Russian tourists became known

China has given the go-ahead: the date of the official opening of the Middle Kingdom for Russian tourists has become known

The issue of accepting Russian group tours to China has been resolved: China has given the go-ahead. The official opening date of the Celestial Empire for Russian tourists was March 31. This follows from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism's official notice of the resumption of travel agencies.

“In further promoting economic and social development, and promoting tourism exchanges and cooperation, travel agencies and online travel companies across the country will resume operations on the entry of foreigners and group tours,” the statement said. It also urges “all localities”, and especially Chinese cities popular with tourists, “to steadily and orderly promote travel agencies to resume inbound group tourism activities for foreigners.”

“The leadership of local travel agencies should do a good job of designing routes and linking products with foreign travel agencies. Travel agencies are required to strictly abide by various group tourism management systems and regulations, improve the quality of inbound tourism services, effectively maintain order in the tourism market, and display a good image of Chinese tourism. It is also necessary to fulfill various requirements for preventing epidemics,” the Chinese tourism guide ordered. '.

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