Chinese and Russian tourist mafia discovered in Thailand: a life-and-death struggle has begun

Chinese and Russian tourist mafia discovered in Thailand: a life-and-death struggle has begun

“Repressive measures” to protect the local tourism industry and get rid of abuses in the foreign tourism industry, especially in popular tourist destinations like Phuket, Thailand said. At the same time, a Chinese and Russian tourist mafia was discovered in the tourism sector, with which a life-and-death struggle began.

The Chinese in Thailand are mainly accused of the traditional scheme of work, when all Chinese money from tourists through the lining companies is returned to China, while the receiving party receives only an anthropogenic burden. The Russians were accused of “illegal participation of foreigners on extended visas in commercial activities.”

For example, Thai media reported that officials from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports are currently in contact with counterparts in China to prevent the return of “zero-revenue tours” in China's key market. These operations are seen as a threat to Thailand's critical foreign exchange earning industry. Recall that such tours attract Chinese tourists to Thailand at prices below cost, but during such tours, tourists are forced to follow the established route, including shopping tours in specially designated places. As a result, these points belong to the Chinese, and their task is to recover losses and leave travel companies with even more profit than regular tours, due to inflated prices and severe pressure on visitors during the trip. Thailand gets nothing but crowds of Chinese and reputation damage.

“Booking a holiday in Thailand at a price that is too good to be true, or cheaper, is a scam that inevitably leads to the fact that the visitor the guest is robbed,” said representatives of the Thai Ministry.

And following the Chinese, they also complained that now the problems of the tourism industry in Thailand are created by (quote) “Russian mafia gangs operating in the kingdom.” The ministry said last week in Phuket Police Major General Phongsiam Mikanthong, deputy commander of the tourist police, launched a special campaign aimed at “repressing fraudsters and screening foreigners.” We are talking primarily about “long-term” tourists.

“Tens of thousands of Russians have extended their visas in the provinces, and there are growing reports that they are also involved in the foreign tourism industry on an accidental or illegal basis. The Phuket Tourist Police are tasked with tracking down foreigners with illegal or expired visas or permission to stay in the kingdom, acting as illegal guides or business operators, and other activities that harm legitimate Thai business,” campaign organizers said.

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