“Clicquot” for 2,500 rubles: a Russian tourist went to a French supermarket and was very surprised by the prices of champagne

In Russia, many of our fellow citizens have never tried branded French-made champagne, while in France the entire middle class drinks it with or without it almost every day, simply because champagne is sold at more affordable prices in local supermarkets.

“Absolutely characteristic drink” is different from prosecco (sparkling wine) and from “Soviet champagne” and even more soda with alcohol, a Russian traveler-sommelier noted on his Yandex.Zen channel and told how much the cherished bottle of Moët champagne costs in a regular French supermarket.

“The characteristic aromas of breadcrust and butter, formed during the aging of champagne on the lees, give this wine more body and a “seriousness” that sparkling wines made by other methods lack,” the tourist described the components of the taste of an endemic wine.

The orange “Veuve Clicquot”, being the second most popular type of champagne in the world and one of those names with which the word “champagne” is associated, is sold in France “in any decent supermarket and costs around 40 euros per bottle – about 2'500 rubles”. In Russia, these bottles are sold at least twice as expensive.

But the most popular champagne in the world – Moët & Chandon. “An ordinary non-vintage Imperial costs about 5,000 rubles per bottle in Russia, depending on the store, and in France it costs only 36 euros (2,200 rubles). Such a price tag already looks much nicer,” the blogger said.

The author clarified that wine in France is produced in any region of the country and the French love this drink and drink it almost daily. “Drinking a bottle at lunch with a colleague is a standard story for many. Of course, this is mainly done by representatives of working professions, but white-collar workers do not disdain a couple of glasses. Champagne is not considered something like that here and is not used exclusively on important occasions. There is no halo of importance and inaccessibility around this drink. An aperitif in the form of a glass of Moet is almost a daily story for many middle-class French people, because champagne combines two in one: a quality drink and prestige that comes at a very low price,” he explained.

On the other hand, in Italy you can buy a 5-liter plastic bottle of wine on store shelves, like the one used in Russia to sell artesian or purified water. Such a canister costs only 1 euro (61 rubles) per 1 liter. However, it should be borne in mind that the quality of such a mass drink in this case will be different.

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